Eating Disorder Recovery for Athletes

Build strength, balance and mobility whilst healing your relationship with food and your body. Whether you're an elite or recreational athlete; nutrition is a key component to your success.


Athletes impacted by disordered eating or nutritional deficiencies risk becoming less competitive in their sport, more prone to injury and risk permanent physical damage that, in some cases, can be life-threatening.

The Strength & Performance Programme
  • Understand your nutritional needs for personal wellbeing, training and sports performance

  • Address disordered eating behaviours

  • Learn how to achieve your full athletic potential whilst maintaining optimal health.

  • Build meal planning and preparation skills

  • Rediscover the joy in eating by becoming a more intuitive eater

  • Heal body image 


Getting the Right Care

This programme is suitable for those who:

  • Are competitive recreational or elite athletes

  • Are willing to work with a psychotherapist

  • Do not need a higher level of care​​​


Call 07583 000 109 to book in your FREE 30-minute exploratory call. The call is 100% confidential. It gives you an opportunity to share your concerns. Then it's entirely up to you to decide if my support is right for you.

Recover Strong

Support includes


  • Holistic investigation of your medical history

  • Individual dietary, lifestyle and health goals

  • Meal planning and recipes 

  • Email support


Note: Supplements and tests are an additional cost and will only be recommended where necessary

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